Monday, November 3, 2014



Cameras, projectors and other motion picture equipment highlighted in the texts are listed here, with the inventor or engineer and/or promoter associated with the machine given in parentheses. Click on the images for higher resolution copies


The Biograph projector for large format 68/70 mm film, 1896. Intermittent film movement was by friction rollers. Hendricks Collection/Smithsonian Institution

Biographe (Georges Demenÿ)
Originally known as the Chronophotographe, Demenÿ's camera was commercially available from Gaumont from 1896, as the Biographe, using unperforated 60 mm film.


Biokam (Alfred Darling-Alfred Wrench)
Complete system (motion camera, projector/printer; and stills camera) for 17.5 mm